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5 things I took away from the UK Public Sector Communications conference (not including this selfie)

  Along with free coffees, the thing I love about conferences is that you get to see how other teams work and the things they get to talk about. 4. Email marketing is still where it’s at Dave Worsell, Granicus and Andy Allsopp, Essex County Council Although it seems social media is taking over the […]

Hitch is getting emotional – introducing BEAR UPSTREAM


MECC: There is more than one way to skin a cat…


Armag__don? Social Marketing and efforts to save ED

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink: How one tiny action sparked 3 million pelicans worth of change

At current rate, we will use six billion fewer plastic bags this year. A drop of 83%. Six BILLION. That equates to a covering of about 900,000,000m2, or three Birminghams. Laid end-to-end those bags would go 75 times around the circumference of the globe. The BBC helpfully points out that 6 billion plastic bags weigh […]

Winner of Best use of Evaluation of Research at the UK Public Sector Communications Awards 2016

Hitch Marketing celebrated at The Emirates Stadium in London after their men’s sexual health campaign won the Best Use of Evaluation of Research category at the prestigious UK Public Sector Communications Awards. Hitch Marketing faced stiff competition with an impressive shortlist of candidates and campaigns from across the country, but successfully won the day with […]

Busting the myths around diabetic treatment, diet and diagnosis

setting the record straight This Sunday sees the start of Diabetes Week, a week of fundraising and myth busting as Diabetes UK urge people to share their stories to let everyone know the truth about diabetes. The number of those being diagnosed with diabetes continues to increase (3.5 million people have diabetes in the UK […]

Can a rebrand open up new markets and bring in new business?

How did we redesign our brand? With our new brand we wanted to retain the essence of Hitch: creative, fun and quirky, but with a distinct corporate feel that more closely identified with the market we were now in. We got our creative team on the case, reworking the logo to capture our original behaviour […]

Hitch Marketing – Four Years of Itching

Four years of nonstop itching may sound like a bit of a public health condition, and hardly the sort of marketing environment anyone would choose to work in. But looking back over the past four years at Hitch, and thankfully it’s proving to be quite the opposite…even blissful at times. Whilst we’re keen to work […]

Winners of the Community Business of the Year Award 2015

Hitch Marketing are delighted to have won the Community Business of the Year Award at the inaugural FSB Awards 2015 in Liverpool. Following another exceptional year of growth and development which has seen the Hitch Marketing team continue to expand, whilst continually delighting a range of both local and national clients, it is testament to […]


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