Mental Health Awareness Week Blog

Looking after our mental health and the mental health of young people around us, is extremely important, especially in these unprecedented times. 

One of our most recent projects, ‘Draw Your Own Solution’, with HeadStart Kent and Kent County Council, aims to help young people, aged 10-16, build their resilience, so they are better equipped to face life’s difficulties now and in the future.

The campaign focuses on four areas of resilience; friendships, talents & interests, health and emotions & behaviours. 

As part of the campaign we conducted a baseline survey, completed by young people in Kent. We found that only 75.9% of young people surveyed only sometimes or rarely felt good about themselves.

So how can the campaign address this? 

The survey found that those who had a higher awareness and understanding of resilience, reported higher levels of resilience. Therefore, the first stage of the campaign aims to increase awareness of resilience as a concept through the Draw Your Own Solution Instagram channel

Additionally, the campaign is expanding on some of the positive results of the survey, including:

  • 73.7% of young people felt that they had at least one good friend who they could trust. 
  • 65.6% of young people indicated they had a regular activity that they enjoyed doing.

Through the medium of animation, the campaign showcases real-life stories of how young people in Kent increased their resilience, by investing in friendship, or spending time on an activity they enjoy. You can see these animations here.

We are also working with parents in Kent, to increase understanding of how they can help their child build resilience.

Ultimately, we hope the Draw Your Own Solution campaign will help young people in Kent feel better about themselves, increase their resilience and improve their mental health. 

If you would like to find out more about the campaign, or for more information on our research, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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