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Digital & Creative

Digital solutions and creative media that maximise brand effectiveness and make sure your message is heard, seen and shared.

Hitch offers the staple of digital and creative solutions, such as building bespoke websites, digital design and branding. We continue to push ourselves as creatively as possible, from SEO to social media campaigns, from cross-platform campaign solutions to designing interactive apps such as our MECC application.

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Research & Behavioural Insight

Targeted and workable research approaches throw light on what works, shaping services and helping clients demonstrate measurable success.

As a Market Research Society Company Partner, we mix methods, deploying qualitative and quantitative approaches as appropriate. What’s more, we are at the forefront with the use of our Emotional Analytics (hyperlink Emotional Analytics) insight tool that marries the use of cutting edge AI software with tried and tested quantitative and qualitative approaches to measure and show the emotions expressed in collected data and relate it to brands, services, and interventions - allowing clients to work these insights into policy, strategy, briefs and campaigns and ensure they resonate on an emotional level with consumers, and deliver results.

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Strategy & Planning

Insight-driven strategic marketing campaigns focused on behaviour change for social good.

Hitch offer a creative approach to campaign planning and delivery in whichever way will meet your aims – be that through brand development or PR, advertising or community engagement, events or publications.

We deliver corporate marketing strategy and implementation for the third and public sectors, supporting our clients to understand their stakeholders’ needs and promote their services.

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So that’s us, a full-service agency with specialist behaviour change, digital and research expertise – and all with a social conscience.

Don’t get phased –  get in touch. We’d love to talk through your specific marketing needs and explore how we can help.

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