International Week of Happiness at Work: What makes Hitch happy?

Today marks the beginning of the International Week of Happiness in Work Week, a week in which we celebrate what we enjoy about the jobs we do and highlight the positive aspects of our working lives. Some jobs are more enjoyable than others, with some workplaces ensuring that coming to work is something that we enjoy, rather than something we see as a chore. At Hitch, we like to make sure that everyone who joins our team feels at home from the very beginning and that the working experience here is a positive one that challenges us to improve and excel in our roles, whilst simultaneously ensuring that none of our team members feel too stressed.  


Before writing this blog, I posed a simple question to everyone at Hitch – “what do you enjoy about working here?” I received various responses covering a range of things that people like about our workplace environment, something that serves as a testament to the lengths we go to as a company in order to ensure that Hitch staff have a fulfilling experience whilst with us. The main responses that people gave involved mentioning the brilliant team that we have working here and how easy people are to get on with. We pride ourselves in the fact that our small team is like a family, in which we all work hard in conjunction with each other, as we look to deliver for our clients. 


The most popular response I received was regarding the people involved with the company. Steve, our Studio Manager, said ‘‘First and foremost, it's the people - their personalities and the skills that they bring to the company. I love the respect that everyone has for each other and how they take a keen interest in the morale and wellbeing of their colleagues”, whilst our marketing strategist Holly described the team as “a friendly bunch that you can have a good laugh with”. Having a team that gets along with each other is vital when it comes to developing a good working environment as it ensures that people have each other’s best interests in mind, and it maintains good team morale from top to bottom. When everybody is willing to work hard for each other’s sake, good results tend to follow. Given that everyone in the team gets along well, moving back into our new office space becomes even more exciting as we prepare to see each other face to face regularly again! 


Another popular response was regarding the type of work that we do here. Our head of behavioural insight, Nick, said “we get to work on projects that have a real impact. I also like the fact that I get to see projects evolve form early thoughts and insight, through to a finished campaign.” Our new Digital Manager, Dan, highlighted the varied campaigns that he’s had an opportunity to be a part of in his first three months of working here, saying “I have already worked on campaigns involving highlighting how alcohol intake can cause health issues, promoting anti-violence in teenagers, aiding people to get active after lockdown and raising awareness for mental health in men, and look forward to many more in the future.” The work we do covers a lot of bases in the sense that we seek to address a variety of social issues through our campaigns. Our team enjoys knowing that we’re able to make a positive impact on the world through the use of behavioural science pioneering research and marketing techniques. Having a rewarding job is always something that serves as a benefit to a team as each member is able to feel as though their job has a purpose, which is a key motivator to everyone in the Hitch family. Not a day goes by in which our work doesn’t help somebody to make a change for the better, and the harder we work to achieve that end, the more often we do. 


Hitch prides itself on its ability to not only make the world a happier place, but also in its ability to make Hitch a happy place to be. Without happy workers, a business can feel soulless and overly-taxing, so for everyone in our team to feel unequivocally positive about their position here is a great thing and something we want to promote within other workplaces too. We hope you have a good International Week of Happiness in Work Week and that more workplaces aim to make their workers feel happy and fulfilled whilst there! 

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