Hitch Marketing Celebrates Double Government Framework Success

We are celebrating our success in joining two national Crown Commercial Service frameworks – communications marketplace and digital outcomes 6. These frameworks are a gateway for small and medium sized enterprises to be procured by public sector bodies, and are an indicator of a company’s service quality, relevance, and robustness.

We have been supplying the public sector across the UK for over a decade from our HQ in Bromborough, changing people’s lives through social issues campaigns, research and consultation services, systems design, policy development and branding exercises. Our portfolio ranges from working with local violence reduction units on ‘I am Greater’, ‘Make A Stand’ and ‘You’re Right, It’s Wrong’ campaigns tackling serious violence in the Manchester and Leicester areas. To working with sexual health commissioning organisations to provide nationally relevant awareness campaigns and interventions to increase HIV testing and effective prevention methods.

The Communications Marketplace Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) through Crown Commercial Services has been created for Marketing and Communications Services to help UK Government and Public Sector Bodies run public service campaigns.

The Digital Outcomes and Specialist framework (DOS) sits alongside G-Cloud on the Digital Marketplace. The DOS framework is for the procurement of digital teams or individuals, often alongside in-house delivery teams.

Gary Wootten, Managing Director, said:

"This is a big moment for Hitch and its growth strategy. We look forward to the framework opening doors to more national and local socially focussed organisations, so we can enable them to realise their goals, through our trusted team, partners and techniques."

Dave Cutter, Head of Digital Innovation, said:

"We’re really excited to be a part of these frameworks, and for the opportunities they will provide us in sharing our work with a wider audience for social good. It’s also a great point to reflect on the range of great work we’ve been doing over the past decade to get us to this space, and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can deliver in this next period."

Christian Hugo, CEO of GovData Ltd, commented:

“It has been our pleasure to help Hitch Marketing unlock further opportunities within the Public Sector. Driving growth for a great business and extending the reach and impact of their important work – we wish them continued success”

The past twelve months has seen the agency double in size, working in behaviour change delivering projects to help reduce drinking harms, improve mental health, tackle obesity and encouraging Covid vaccine uptake.


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