Who's Who of Hitch - Katherine Crawshaw

Our most recent and spectacular new addition to the team, Katherine Crawshaw - Strategy Lead, answers some of the most important questions in the hearts of the Hitch OG's. Katherine comes to us from a consultancy background and brings almost two decades of experience with her.

What brings you to Hitch ?

I love finding out why we do what we do, thinking about how we can all have happier and healthier lives, and turning that into campaigns. And that is what Hitch is all about, so I’m excited to be here, be part of the team, and be part of making change happen.

What is your professional background?

I started out working in fundraising and marketing at Cancer Research UK. I learnt so much about marketing but also about cancer, and found out that 1 in 2 cancers are caused by our lifestyles. That fact sparked my interest in all things human behaviour and the massive impact understanding behaviour and the systems we’re all part of can have on our lives. From CR-UK I moved to the NHS working on campaigns about obesity and smoking, before moving to Rethink Mental Illness to set up England’s first national campaign to end mental health discrimination, Time to Change. Most recently I’ve worked as a behaviour change consultant – with projects ranging from national mental health campaigns to working with health promotion start-ups.  

Tell us a story of a behaviour you have changed that has made your life better.

Well, stories of my own attempts to change my behaviour show me that any kind of behaviour change is hard! And that will power is definitely not the way to go! Cleaning my teeth straight after eating dinner has stopped me eating lots of chocolate in the evenings… I don’t know if it’s made my life better because I love chocolate, but I have spent enough time having my teeth fixed to know good teeth also make my life better!

Tell us a story of one of your behaviours that would be almost impossible to change, and why? 

I think I’d find it impossible to stop drinking lots of strong coffee in the morning. And that’s because I love coffee, and to be honest lack any motivation to change. Researchers keep searching, but the results keep showing that coffee is good for us, and I’m an evidence geek. Hopefully no different results coming anytime soon.

What do you like spending your time doing, that isn’t Hitch?

 I love being on the road with my partner and four children. Living simply, finding the wild places, life does not get better. When I’m at home, the everyday stuff fills me with joy – the strong coffee, walking my children to school, going for runs, cooking dinner for my family.

What inspires you?

People who follow their hearts, whatever that looks like to them. It takes courage, commitment, and consistency, definitely qualities I’m inspired by.

What does success in the next 12 months look like - at Hitch and at home?

I’m loving learning all about Hitch, getting stuck into projects and in the next 12 months it will be brilliant to build on the campaigns we’re working on, get into new areas and work out how we can change more behaviour. At home I am excited to start a new phase of family life with our children all at school and have just started mountain biking. So I have some steep hills to get up and fear of downhill to get over.

What ingredients would a great Christmas Hitch party have? 

The perfect party for me would be everyone gathered together, a walk, freezing sea swim, warming up by a fire and some delicious food.



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