5 Reasons why Dry January is amazing

It was my dad who first got me into Dry January and I’ve been doing it for years. In fact, I’m a bit evangelical about it and honestly wouldn’t consider attempting a January without it. It’s a way of losing the weight I’ve piled on in December and it feels like I’m restoring the factory settings for my body.

I know that most people who do Dry January find that the experience changes their drinking habits long after the month of abstinence is over. Hands up, I’m not one of them (I’d like to be and I’m still working on that).

But Dry January is nevertheless amazing. I’ll tell you why.

1. It makes you thin
OK, so that’s pushing it, but as I type I’m wearing a dress I wouldn’t have worn three weeks ago because it was just that tiny bit too snug after Christmas. A friend of mine who works for Weight Watchers told me recently ‘it’s normal to put on half a stone in December’ and Dry January makes it normal to lose it again in the New Year.

2. It’s contagious
When I first did Dry January two of my very good friends rolled their eyes and were very dismissive, maybe even a little annoyed by Dry January. Both of them have done Dry January since; and one of them does it every year. That’s why Dry January keeps on getting bigger and better.

3. It starts a conversation about alcohol
One of my ‘converts’ has changed her drinking habits in the long term and now only has one or two on Fridays and Saturdays or when out socialising. Result!

4. It’s helped my dad stay in control
My dad lives with cancer and has had to endure the most awful treatment and medication, the effects of which include weight gain and tiredness. Moderation is hard for my dad (a trait I’ve inherited) but abstinence is great for him. So he’s extended the Dry January approach to other times of the year, before he goes on holiday for example, and he now has three or four dry months a year. This has helped him stay in control of how he looks and feels, rather than let cancer dictate that for him.  

5. I like getting my Dry January teacup
Oh, I do love the App! There is a childish delight in getting the teacup sticker on my progress chart each and every day that is rare in my adult world, and it’s also good to know the money and calories I’ve saved along the way.

I’m looking forward to Dry January 2019 already.

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