Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) commissioned Hitch and EY3 Media to work in partnership to extend GMCA’s gender-based violence (GBV) reduction campaign ‘#IsThisOk?’. For Hitch, this involved evaluating the previous burst of campaign activity, conducting insight to identify and prioritise target audiences and behaviours for the campaign to focus on in the future, developing a strategy to deliver the upcoming campaign, and evaluating the impact of the campaign.

A collection of posters and social assets used for the campaign

Research and Methodology

Secondary research was used to review existing literature in the field and to identify previously employed campaigns which had robust evaluations.

A survey of the target population was distributed to men in the Greater Manchester area. Focus groups were held with the target audience to co-create the campaign.

Main research findings

Secondary research showed the campaign should focus on:

  • Men aged 18-35: suspects of reported GBV crimes in GM are most likely to be aged between 25-34. Survivors of these crimes in GM are most likely to be aged under 35. National data shows women <35 years are twice as likely to have experienced sexual harassment as women >35 years.
  • Men with male friendship groups, male dominated occupations, those who have committed previous acts of GBV, may have experienced abuse themselves and who hold traditional gender views: identified as ‘risk factors’ for acts of GBV.
  • Challenging stereotypical beliefs and attitudes towards gender: identified as key in influencing support for GBV.
  • Challenging common behaviours experienced by women: sexual jokes/comments, catcalled or whistled, unwanted staring and unwelcome touching/rubbing.

Preliminary Evaluation

Preliminary evaluation findings suggest that the campaign reached the target audience, with over half (54%) of survey respondents having seen the campaign. Campaign awareness was highest for those who also disclosed that they had previously engaged in low-level GBV. The campaign was liked by 58% of respondents and over half (53%) said that seeing the campaign had made them think, feel, or want to do something differently.

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