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At Hitch, our people are as important as the company itself. Probably more so. But over these past ten years, as people have joined the adventure, Hitch has grown up with its very own distinctive personality. One that harbors values the Hitch team can all sign up to. It’s a thread that encourages how we interact and what we do at Hitch. We call this our ‘PERCKS of the job’, check them out below!

At Hitch we’re trying to make that personality and those values a reality on the day-to-day. So, with the help of the team, we’ve prioritised and introduced a range of initiatives that make Hitch a great place to work.  

To mark our tenth birthday, here’s our: survey says ‘top TEN’

  1. Health Care Plan – we love the NHS, but with waiting lists mounting and mental health issues rising, we’ve made it a priority to help our team access health care if and when they need it, asap.

  2. 25 days and bank holidays (+1 every two years, starting with your birthday) – There is plenty of time to take time off with your loved ones or seek your own non-work adventure. Some team members even blend the two, basing themselves for a short time in other countries.

  3. Quarterly team building away days – Having in-person team time (work and play) means we get to vote on a quarterly team builder. Summer and winter games here we come.

  4. Buy additional annual leave – To make things even more flexible, you can buy a week of additional leave.

  5. Gym member discounts, and fitness discounts – Building on our health and wellbeing programme, everyone gets an annual £50 credit to spend on getting fit (new trainers, tennis racket – it’s up to you). And to mark our 10th birthday and celebrate a JD gym opening opposite the office, everyone can claim a £10 per month rebate on gym membership.

  6. Lunch and share session – To build our knowledge together, we host lunch and share sessions. Sometimes in person. Sometimes with guest speakers. Sometimes in an inspirational hangout. The team get to shape the agenda, and the menu.

  7. Hitch fund, supporting charities we want to – Every year we choose a charity, or five, to get behind that members of the team feel personally passionate about, and we pass on some of our Hitch fund, a fund generated by revenue earned at Hitch.

  8. Sprints and round tables exploring social justice issues – At Hitch our work is focused on scratching the itch of societal issues. With the help of the Hitch fund, we take the initiative to prioritise a few of our own.

  9. Office tart-up each year, with a budget for home workers – We have a new office on the top floor and access to a roof. But to keep the creative juices flowing, we make budget available to add some extra sparkle and make the work environment that little bit nicer – office or home.

  10. Flexible extended lunch – Squeezing in a game of tennis, run, weekly shop or wander through the wood at lunch can be tricky. And with light in short supply in the winter months, we’ve decided to make lunch time nice and flexible - up to two hours flexible (ps we have showers at the office too)

So, that’s the top 10 from our staff survey. The other benefits we can save for the interview. 

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