Research & Behavioural Insight

We are a Market Research Society Company Partner, with a background in human and consumer behaviour and psychology, which allows us to develop innovative and appropriate lifestyle interventions.

We mix methods, deploying qualitative and quantitative approaches as appropriate. What’s more, we are at the forefront of innovation, with the use of cutting edge approach to collecting and analysing data via our bespoke Publicly Available Electronic Information (PAEI) methodology or our Emotional Analytics insight tool, that marries the use of cutting edge AI software with tried and tested quantitative and qualitative approaches to measure and show the emotions expressed in collected data and relate it to brands, services, and interventions, allowing clients to work these insights into policy, strategy, briefs and campaigns and ensure they resonate on an emotional level with consumers, and deliver results.

We can also offer training and workshops in a range of market research topics, empowering you with the skills to evaluate in-house and better understand your stakeholders’ needs makes our impact sustainable.

A marketing agency that cares about quality and seeks to equip its clients – all part of our social conscience!

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