Publicly Available Electronic Information (PAEI)

Our world has become more and more digital-centric. Social media, online forums, newspapers and articles are all housed online with hundreds of millions of words shared on a daily basis. These stories, comments, discussions and debates, are Publicly Available Electronic Information (PAEI). PAEI, where ‘public’ is defined as information published in HTML, PDF or other common formats on the internet, is information which can be gathered lawfully and ethically by a person or algorithm using the internet, or via Application Programming Interface (API) queries made to third-party platform providers.

We use a unique process of data acquisition, capable of drawing information from almost any source or social platform, to analyse the discourse which matters to national, local, and hyper-local populations. We combine premium API and open research techniques which are always compliant with GDPR, platform ToS, and international law. We can link this data with Emotion Analytics to understand the discourse, the emotional response around any given subject to help:

  • Communications and engagement strategy development
  • Health Equity Needs Assessment
  • Prevention Strategy
  • Social movement design
  • Service and programme design
  • Intervention design
  • Campaigns design and strategy


You can view a recent PAEI report into vaccine hesitancy online now, and further recent example of our work using this approach have included:

  • Slough and Surrey councils hard to reach group vaccine communications
  • Medway County Council health Challenge
  • Southampton City Council health communications
  • Salford City Council Hyper Local Covid Uptake
  • Sefton Council Obesity Strategy
  • Champs Suicide Prevention Strategy
  • Bradford City Council Mental Health


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