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My Life as a Marketing Intern

Starting her marketing internship was a completely new adventure for Elena; learn all about her experience as an intern, the first day and her top tips for starting a new job

Dementia Lived Experience Platform

Hitch, working in partnership with Social Sense Ltd, are building a ground-breaking platform to measure the real time ‘Lived Experience’ of people with dementia.

'You Can!' Stop Smoking Campaign

Hitch Marketing have been working with Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP) to deliver a major new campaign to encourage smokers across Greater Manchester to quit. The campaign launched on National No Smoking Day (13 March) and aims to help tens of thousands more Greater Manchester smokers to quit.

Exploring Emotion Analytics

How written communication can work for today’s marketer.

Finding a Brand’s Marker Moment

If the customer journey is no longer linear, when and how do you engage with your customers?

Social Value Explained

For the people, by the people.

Is now the right time for kindfulness?

When was the last time you smiled at someone on the street?

Why are we still banging on about millennials?

Find out why Jude thinks it's time to move on to generation Z.

An Interview with Alex Bone

Find out more about Alex Bone, Strategy and Planning Manager.

Marketing Man on Holiday

I recently returned from Spain and spotted a few things whilst away. Even when wearing silly shorts, with ice cream on tap, marketing is still on the mind.

5 Reasons why Dry January is amazing

It was my dad who first got me into Dry January and I’ve been doing it for years. In fact, I’m a bit evangelical about it and honestly wouldn’t consider attempting a January without it. It’s a way of losing the weight I’ve piled on in December and it feels like I’m restoring the factory settings for my body.

A second double win for Hitch at the FSB awards

It was another great night for Hitch with another double win at the annual FSB Merseyside, West Cheshire & Wigan Business Awards 2017. Hosted at the Crowne Plaza in the heart of Liverpool’s historic waterfront, the event celebrated and rewarded exceptional small businesses from across the region.

5 things I took away from the UK PSC Conference

Along with free coffees, the thing I love about conferences is that you get to see how other teams work and the things they get to talk about. As I listen, I can’t help thinking, ‘What would I have done in that situation? Would I have said that, or done it that way?’ It’s an enjoyable sort of peer people-watching, and last week I was lucky enough to be in a room full of communicators, hearing how to deliver success with less money.


If you haven’t heard the words ‘A&E’ and ‘crisis’ in the same sentence recently, I’m assuming it’s because you have spent the last few years living a hermitic existence among nomads in the Himalayas.

Nudge, nudge, wink, wink

How one tiny action sparked 3 million pelicans worth of change.

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